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Joining our new SSAA chorus

We are thrilled that you are interested in joining this new ensemble. We have high hopes as we head toward the pilot season. Rehearsals are expected to be every other Wednesday evening 7-10pm starting Jan 4 through mid-April, with a regional competition if there's interest. Please fill out the interest form below, start learning the audition music, and we'll keep you up to date with other details!

Joining the Men’s Chorus

The Vocal Revolution Men’s Chorus is open to masculine-identifying singers and requires an audition. We recommend that prospective singers attend at least two rehearsals before requesting a live audition; the first two steps of the audition (see below) can be completed before or after your first rehearsal. Rehearsals allow you to become familiar with the repertoire as well as the singing style of the chorus.

Joining Vocal Revolution

1. Audition Voice Placement

There will be a short meeting with a member of the music team to assess general musical ability, test your vocal range, and answer questions about the next steps of the audition process. 

  • Your vocal range will be assessed, and the music team member will recommend the best voice part for you. 
  • You will be given a series of notes and asked to repeat them, demonstrating an ability to match pitch. 
  • You will be told about the next steps of the audition and given an opportunity to ask any questions.

2. The Feedback recording

You will need to record your part against a four-part learning track of the audition song. This will introduce you to our feedback recording process and give the music team an opportunity to provide musical guidance prior to your audition. 
  • The audition song is “Brand New Day” (contact us for access to sheet music and learning tracks)

  • See here for details on recording. 

  • You will receive feedback from a music team member that you should incorporate before your live audition.

For more information, email

3. Live audition

There will be a live audition for admission into the Vocal Revolution Men’s Chorus. 
  • At the scheduled time, you will sing “Brand New Day” with three members of the music team in a quartet. 

  • You will be asked to wait for a few minutes outside the audition room while the music team discusses your performance. 

  • A music team member will let you know if you passed your audition or will need to try again. In both cases, you will be given feedback on your performance. ​​

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