We Welcome Anyone!


Membership in the Greater Boston Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society is open to all, and we welcome any interested person. While Vocal Revolution is a men’s chorus, and requires an audition, membership in the chapter is open to anyone. Our primary purpose is to encourage excellent singing in close harmony. We may, at some future date, even entertain the idea of starting or sponsoring other performing groups, ones that includes ladies’ and mixed harmony ensembles. Perhaps you would even like to start one yourself. 


We really appreciate our non-singing members, (we call them our “Overtones”) who do so much behind the scenes to make our shows happen and raise funds for the chapter and join us in all barbershop events.

Singers and non-singers alike, if you love close harmony, and love the worldwide fellowship that we offer, you are welcome. As a member of the chapter, you can participate in chapter meetings and events, vote in elections, and hold board positions. You can also call our chapter your home and join us at any BHS event. And we will sponsor and encourage any quartet or ensemble you may wish to participate in.


We recommend that potential members attend at least two rehearsals before requesting to audition. Rehearsals allow you to become familiar with the repertoire as well as the singing style of the chorus.

The audition occurs in three phases.

I – Vocal Assessment

Upon declaring interest in joining the chorus, you will schedule a vocal assessment with the director. He will listen to your singing abilities to make sure you are singing the correct part, and will determine your ability to match pitches and blend your tone. 

II – Practice Quartet

After the vocal assessment, a representative from your section will give you access to the learning materials for the audition, including sheet music and learning tracks for a song in our current repertoire. Once you feel confident with the entire song — words, pitches, etc. — you will be asked to sing the song in a practice quartet with Section Leaders. You may need to do this a couple of times.

III – Audition Quartet

At your audition, you will be expected to sing the entire song in a quartet with the Section Leaders. You should be prepared to sing with performance-level note accuracy and an eye for storytelling.


For more information, contact Maury Eldridge, VP Membership, e-mail visit@vocalrevolution.org or call 866-537-1584

We look forward to singing with you soon!