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Fill out the form below, including your payment of $39 via PayPal by clicking below. Once your order is submitted, you will receive a confirmation by email from a member of our team within 24 hours, which will include further instructions (like how to submit your personalized video greeting). Once all materials are received, your singing videogram will be on its way to you by Mother's Day!

Questions? Email us:

Product Details

The Mother's Day Videogram has two parts. The first part is for you to create, so make it wonderful! We'll need you to take a video of yourself, yourself with others, just others :-), or even a Zoom screen filled with a whole lot of people, saying something personal to the videogram's recipient. This video should be no longer than one minute -- and trust us, that's a long time -- and, how can we say this, "appropriate enough to meet the standards of most social media sites." You can share the video in any standard video format.


The second part is for us to create. We'll prepare a video quartet of Vocal Revolution singers delivering their heartfelt serenade in full barbershop style. Our four singers will be in each quarter of the screen, a necessary concession during these isolating times, but it will definitely have that harmonic VR quartet sound!


Once the two videos have been brought together, we'll make it privately available on YouTube. We will send you the YouTube link so that you can deliver the videogram yourself. And then sit back, enjoy, and celebrate Mother's Day in grand musical style!

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